Siena, Genuine Ostrich Dress Shoes, Style: 1463

Siena, Genuine Ostrich Dress Shoes, Style: 1463


Not all men’s footwear is created equal. Behind the usual design lies a whole slew of other standards that sets a particular shoe apart. The Siena is an example of a style that may seem understated at first glance but can reveal finer points in its details.

The Siena comes in four colors: Black, Burned Amber, Burgundy and Navy. Made from ostrich leg, it has a leather lining and cushion insoles. The sole is from leather. Listing down the features of the Siena may seem like reading off a checklist but there is nothing monotonous about the Siena.

The Siena does not have to rely on fancy palettes or unusual patterns, because its backbone is solid construction. It does not flashy embellishments because it relies on a design that has proven to be timeless. 

The Siena is an example of when footwear is done right, there is no such thing as basic. Only genuine style.

Genuine Ostrich Leg

Style #: 1463


  • Leather Lining
  • Cushion Insole
  • Leather sole

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